Fatty Fatty No Friends                Emily                                   Mind The Art Entertainment (dir. Christian De Gre) *world premiere 


Dracula: Bloodlines                    Morta Parcae                    The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company (dir. Thomas Gordon) *world premiere


Ira and Isabella's -

Jewish Italian Wedding            Isabella                                Laugh Out Loud Productions (dir. Nancy Rollins-Levine) *world premiere


Dylans's Encounter                    Mealsey                               ESPA at Primary Stages (dir. Rose Ginsberg) *world premiere


The Shape of Things                   Jenny                                   Jump For Joy Theatre Productions, NYC (dir. Renee Rodriguez)

How to Fight Like a Girl           Cabaret Vocalist                Manhattan Theatre Mission, NYC (dir. Katy Renae Baker) *world premiere

La Ronde                                      Sweet Young Thing           The REP Company of The Pittsburgh Playhouse (dir. Robin Walsh)

The Seagull                                  Masha                                  Pittsburgh Playwrights (dir. Kelly McMahon )

Room Service                              Christine Marlowe           Pittsburgh Playhouse (dir. Rich Keitel)

A Bone Close to My Brain        Nemesis                              Pittsburgh Playhouse (dir. Da’minque Williams)

The 17th of June                         Dee                                       Pittsburgh Playhouse (dir. Lovell McFadden)

Trifles                                            Mrs. Peters                         Pittsburgh Playhouse (dir. Megaen Reagle)

Pinocchio                                      Pinocchio                           Pittsburgh Playhouse (dir. Mark Staley)

Seussical                                      Mayzie La Bird                   CLO Academy (dir. Susan Grady)

Guys and Dolls                            Adelaide                              CC Masque (dir. John McGrail)

A Midsummer Night’s…           Peaseblossom                    CC Masque (dir. Chris Dimond)




Suspected (Short)                      Anarchist Girl (lead)                                                              Costanta Brand (dir. Costas Costanta)

Locke and Key (TV Pilot)          Stand-In (Ksenia Solo & Miranda Otto)                            20th Century Fox (dir. Mark Romanek)

Mr. Pleasant (Feat.)                   Mary Jean (lead)                                                                    Daniels/Rice Productions (dir. John Rice)

Warrior (Feat.)                            Tommy Girl (specialty extra)                                               Lionsgate (dir. Gavin O’Connor)


American Hustle (Feat.)           Specialty Background                                                           Atlas Entertainment (dir. David O'Russel)

DCYFR (Industrial)                     Lisa the Secret Agent (supporting)                                   Batpack Studios (dir. Jonathan Lacocque)

Epoch                                             Alicia (lead)                                                                             Visions Productions (dir. Pasquale Greco)

Lake Stacey                                 Shayleigh (supporting)                                                          Visions Productions (dir. Pasquale Greco)

Waltzes With Ducks                  Gwen (supporting)                                                                   Defai Productions (dir. Dean Fisher)

Guns and Mustaches                 Constance (supporting)                                                         G&M Productions (dir. Michael Strati)


Ragtime                                      Dialect/Voice & Speech Coach                                              Carrnivale Theatrics (dir. Justin Fortunato)
                                                      (Irish, German, Russian, Italian, Brooklyn)

B.F.A in Acting-Point Park University (2010)
Acting/Musical Theatre-Jeff Saver, John Shepard, Jack Allison, Chris Dimond, Randy Graff, Scott Wise, Zeva Barzell, Bob Haley,
John Amplas, Shirley Tannenbaum, Rich Keitel, Sheila McKenna, Sharon Brady,
Robin Walsh, Ingrid Sonnichsen, CLO Academy
Voice-Joy Lapeer, Beth Bush, Mary-Catherine Dykhouse, Micah Paldino, CLO Academy
Dance-Jeremy Czarniak, Rori Aiello (tap)
Stage Combat-Shaun Rolly
Other-Current student at the Einhorn School of Performing Arts; Member of the Point Park University New York/LA Showcase (2010)

Vocal Range: Low F to E flat
Dialects (RP British, Cockney, Irish, Italian, German, Russian, French, Southern Plantation and Mountain, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh)
PA Driver’s license, Puppetry (rod & marrionette), Basic hand to hand combat


"Mallory Campbell as the Sweet Young Thing comes across with individual charm and depth..." -Gordon Spencer, WRCT